Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cars Games & Activities vol.2 - Aluminum Sculptures, Super Heros & Kings

Here are a few more car activities we tried out on our trip posted HERE
From our Car Activities Kit - 
This time we used FOIL

The idea is to give each child sheets of foil and let them be creative and "sculpt" whatever their heart desires.  This was quite a surprise to see how engaged the kids were with this activity.  
They kept asking for more and more foil.

Logan focused his creativity on a Kings crown and scepter.  
While Ems was more in the mood for ice cream cones 
and silver bracelets.

Jaxon thought it was cool to make super hero wristbands.  

They all were really clever and I do think we would try this again- even in the afternoon at home!

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