Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Paper Plate Crafts

Just in time for Halloween day  - we snuck in one more Halloween craft.  These holidays sure sneak up on us.  I feel like I should start my Thanksgiving crafts on Nov 1st  - just to make sure I get them in.  

I have to say that the kids really really enjoy these crafty times.  And even if they get thrown away a week later - it was about the memories of spending time together that really counts.  I realize that more and more as my kids are growing.

Paper plates
Colored Paper

Optional - 
Pipe Cleaners
Googly Eyes

There were several different Halloween characters we found ideas for - so I let the kids choose the ones they wanted.  Both the girls wanted to make Jack-O-Lanterns.

First paint plate orange
While plate dries...draw and cut out eyes, nose, and mouth from construction paper
Glue in place - as desired

Cute Jack-O-Lantern complete

The boys wanted to make Frankenstein and a Black cat


Paint plate green.  You can paint the black hair on at this point or just cut out of black paper

Cut out eyes, mouth, head bolts, and scars from construction paper
Glue on and Frankie comes alive

Paint plate black. 
When dry cut a circle out of the center.  This creates the body and legs of the cat
 Then with center cut out piece - cut around edge of center piece to make a cat tail.  

Use the rest of the center part to make cat face and ears

Cut eyes, nose, and whiskers from construction paper.
 Glue and a scary Halloween cat is born.

We hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!!!

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