Saturday, October 29, 2011


Halloween is descending upon us quickly - but we wanted to get a few fun crafts in before it was too late.  So one of our activities was making MONSTERS.(idea from Here)

First we gathered several tissue boxes, paint, egg carton, and some card stock.

The kids decorated the Monster "fur".  I had seen this done with fun polka dots - but I let the kids do it however they wanted.  

We bought primary colors of paint - Red, Yellow, & Blue and I love that they can then create their own colors from them.  A little learning while crafting is always great!

After the exterior was monstrously beautified, we started making scary teeth with the card stock.

It was fun to see how different each of the kids made their monsters.  Kennedy's teeth were hilarious.

We taped the teeth inside and then started working on Monster Eyes

Everyone had different ideas on how to make their eyes.  We let the creativity flow.  Some used egg cartons and other's found some little cardboard tubes I was tossing and turned them into ocular creations.

And the final results of our Monster Tissue Box crafting was.......

It was a fun simple project perfect for a fall afternoon.

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Lettie said...

Natalie - I love it. What a fun project!