Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birdseed Biscuits

A long time ago I saw this idea of making a Birdseed Biscuit in a Family Fun magazine. I sort of forgot about it until my sister, Collette, made one and gave me the left over birdseed. Unfortunately that birdseed stayed on my shelf for about 6 months before we finally made ours, but better late than never.  Anyway, here is the Family Fun website the idea came from: http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/birdseed-biscuit-675113/

Items Needed:
-3/4 Cup Birdseed
-1 Tablespoon Flour
-2 Tablespoons Water
-Metal Cookie Cutter
-Cooking Spray
-Cookie Sheet
-Straw (I forgot this in my picture)

Here are the instructions from that website with my notes added in parenthesis:
1-Our recipe makes two 3-inch biscuit or a single 4-inch biscuit. Mix together the birdseed, flour, and 2 tablespoons of water. (I doubled the amounts from above to make more and because I had tons of birdseed.)
2-Spray or wipe a cookie cutter with oil (I just used cookie spray) and place it on a foil-covered cookie sheet. (These were the ONLY metal cookie cutters that I own apparently: a man, woman, and leaf. Not exactly spring-like but they worked) 
3-Pack the mixture into the cutter, inserting half a straw near the top to create a hole for hanging. 
(It was about at this step that I realized that having a woman and man were not the best cookie cutters since I was making a hole in their head and then stringing a ribbon through to hang them up. Please take no offense for non was intended.)
4-Bake the biscuit (with the straw) in a 170ยบ oven until the biscuit is hard, about one hour. Let it cool.
5-Remove the straw, thread a ribbon through the hole, and hang it outside in a sheltered spot.
(I took out one of the straws a little too soon before they had cooled all the way on the woman biscuit and the hole filled back up. I tried to make another hole and I broke the whole thing.)

 My girls were very excited to see if the birds would come eat their new treat.

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