Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rocket Bottle

 My oldest went to a super cute space themed birthday party and came home with this. It is a super easy and fun science experiment displaying how powerful air pressure can be. All you do is fill it with some water, pump air into it and it really takes off!
 To make your own, you will need:
- an empty plastic bottle (this was about 20 oz) 
- some sort of stopper to fit in the top. Ours had those things you can put at the bottom of chair legs like THIS, but I'm sure a cork or another type of stopper would work great. It just needs to be something that fits into the bottle snugly and you can put a hole all the way through from top to bottom. (Hopefully I explained that okay.)
- cardboard other other stabilizer to make legs to hold it up while it's filled with air
- duct tape to attach legs
- a bike pump with a needle
- water
Since I know it I'm going to explain this well, I found this website that might explain it better (and it gives another variation of a launcher). Basically what you will do after you have put a hole your stopper and built some kind of stand or legs for your rocket is fill it up with a few inches of water (and feel free to experiment with all kinds of water levels). Stand it up with the stopper facing down and the cone (if you made one) facing up. Put the bike pump needle in the stopper and pump air into the bottle.
 This was our first go at it and we were quite surprised at take off.
The second time the rocket blasted so far it got stuck on the roof! I guess that is proof that it truly does blast off. 
Have fun making your own rocket and I'd suggest that an adult or older child be the one to pump the air in. We had out kids stand back a bit so they wouldn't get hit.

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