Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dandelion Jewelry

It is starting to become dandelion season at our house. My girls are constantly picking the dandelions. My mom (technically "our" mom since she is the mom of all the current contributors to this blog) is a creative genius. She is one of those people that sees something she likes in the store and then just creates her own pattern to make it at home.  Anyway, she happened to be at my house while my kids were picking dandelions. So my mom decided to help them make a dandelion necklace and bracelet. This brought back memories because my mom did this for us when we were just little kids. 
 Here I am at age two when my mom made me a dandelion crown.
 This is Collette and I. Looks like she opted for the necklace.
So my girls and mom picked a bunch of dandelions. You only really need the head of the flower.
My mom threaded a needle and the girls began to thread the dandelions onto the string just making the thread go through the base of the flower head. (Great fine motor practice for my daughter.)
Once they threaded a full strings worth then my mom helped them tie the two ends of the string into a knot.
 Ta-Da!!! A dandelion bracelet!
One of my daughters made two bracelets and the other opted for a necklace and bracelet. They thought it was GREAT!!!!!


Lettie said...

Oh, i so love it and I am so happy you found the pictures! (And I would totally still wear that outfit.) Our mom is the best!

Natalie said...

fun times!!! I totally want to do this with my girls :)