Saturday, June 23, 2012

Flannel Boards

Based on my own growing up, I just assume that all kids grew up playing (A LOT) with flannel boards and flannel board pictures. I know that sounds very 1980's but apparently based on my own kids approval, it is also very 2012. I actually made these about two years ago and never got around to posting about them.  I wanted to make something that could be a travel-size flannel board. The type of thing my kids could play with at church or on road trips. I am sure there are probably lots of other more specific ideas out there for this, but this is what I did and it worked out just fine enough.
SUPPLIES for one: (I was making two so that my kids wouldn't fight over one)
-1" Binder
-Old binder (cut the middle ring section out, but keep the side seams intact)
-Binder pouch
-Glue gun
-Flannel of your choice (I made my flannel boards double sided so one side was purple and the other pink)
-Sturdy pellon (if you use too thin then it is very difficult to color on and cut out, but too stiff might not adhere to your board. Ask your fabric store clerk for assistance. I had to take my mom to the store to help me get the right kind because there were lots of different kinds to pick from. Sorry that isn't more helpful.--Update: I found someone posted online this, just FYI:
"For non-sewers, Pellon is a brand name for the interfacing you use to stiffen fabric pieces. It is a non-woven fabric, which means that, like felt, you can cut it without worrying about fraying.
  I buy the Extra firm #926 at WM. It isn't quite as easy to see through, but it holds up much better. You can get it at WM, Hobby Lobby, Joanns, any place that carries sewing things." So hopefully that is helpful.)
-Pictures to trace for flannel board pictures
-Fine tip permanent markers
I cut the felt to fit each side of the old binder covers and glued it on. I just used glue all over (which did make glue bumps under) but they didn't care and it doesn't effect the flannel board pictures from sticking. I layed my pellon over some cartoon pictures I printed from google images and traces them with the fine-tip permanent marker. I tried a couple things to color them in with but I found that pressing hard with good old fashion crayons worked the best and had the brightest colors and in two years I haven't had the colors bleed at all.I then cut the pictures out and put them all in the binder pouch. I just tuck the flannel board into the binder and it goes great in a bag. My kids still enjoy this and I have received lots of comments from people about it being a fun idea.

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