Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Treat

In our family growing up we always baked pumpkin bread as a family and sat down at the table to write thank you notes to teachers, neighbors, friends, etc to attach to the loaves of pumpkin bread that we would deliver right around Thanksgiving. It was a good chance for us as kids to think about who we were grateful for and actual have to tell people "thank you." I had great intentions of doing this with my own little family (we have only done it a couple times with my own kids) but I didn't quite make it that far this year. Instead we went with a quicker, fun idea I saw here. The kids loved putting these little cornucopia treat bags together for their teachers, bus driver, and family.

Items Needed:
-Runts candy
-Snack bags
-Thanksgiving or Thank you note. I used the template from the site I got the idea from. Here
-Ignore the Skittles in my pictures. I was going to use them as filler for the bags, but I didn't end up needing them.
 We filled the bags with the Runts
 and the Bugles.
 The girls cut apart their "Happy Thanksgiving" tags. I hadn't intended for this treat/project to turn into a fine-motor skills activity but it did between sealing closed ziplock bags, cutting, writing, folding paper, and using the stapler.
 They signed the tags and folded them.
They got a workout trying to get the stapler to actually staple properly. It was a good learning experience. (I folded the sides if the top of the ziplock bag in to be the same width as our tags.)
Ta-da! The girls loved the activity and are very excited to hand them out tomorrow. Maybe next year I will be more ambitious and we will get to that pumpkin bread, but for this year, this will do just fine. ;)

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Natalie said...

Looks like we were on the same page. I took pictures last night of the kids writing notes and making bread to post on Heaps. What a great tradition. The cornucopias are a great idea.