Friday, October 11, 2013

Ghost Party

 So, last year my son who was turning 5 at the time asked me if he could have a ghost themed birthday party months before his birthday. Being the kind of mom I am I said - uh, sure - despite his birthday being around a time more suited for Valentine's or Mardi Gras. So, since it is seasonally appropriate now, I thought I'd share in case you need some Halloween party ideas (or even preschool ideas)!
Here in this photo are the goodie boxes, foam cups for games and bean bags for games and also for take home.
 My son wanted a dark room with glow sticks in the balloons to make it spooky. This doesn't really work at 10 am, so we compromised with ghosts hanging out in a crepe paper mist.
 Our first games involved our bean bags. The original was drawn by my son and i did my best to copy it on felt. Of course I did this the night before the party, because that is what all sane moms, do. :)
 Sorry for the mega blur and creepy faces in the next bunch of pictures. I don't want to post pictures of other people's kids' faces. Our first game was a simple basketball time. Toss the bean bag into a basket - hooray if you get it, try again once if you don't and everyone gets a few chances.
 I laughed at myself for this one since my house is so tiny. We tried the game where you slowly move further apart and see if you can still toss your bean bag to your partner and have then catch it. Not too hard when you max out at like 2 feet away from each other.
 This was a bean bag pass game. When the music stopped the person holding the ghost was out.
 Bowling with the Styrofoam ghost cups.
 I wish I had a picture of the final project. It is very basic. Each kid drew a face on a plain white paper plate. When finished we attached a few strips of white crepe paper at the bottom to make a ghost. One girl loved making them so much she made extras to take home to her siblings.
 Spooky version of duck, duck, goose for us was ghost, ghost, boo!
And for the trip home, goodie boxes with dipped pretzels in a bag with ghost eyes and mouth, plus a elementary school time favorite of mine - a Dum Dum covered in a kleenex like a ghost.

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Katie Wiscombe said...

So CUTE! I'm sure it was a great success!