Friday, December 6, 2013

Paper Strip Tree

 This post is a project we did last year around Christmas time. It's great for any age. My kids ranged between 2.5 and almost 7.
 When I saw this idea on Whatever... I thought it would be a great way to use a lot of Christmas scrap paper I had left over from another project.
Supplies - lots of patterned green paper, scissors, glue stick, and if you want to save some time, a paper cutter.
I cut out the paper in various widths. I cut those strips into various lengths (something a child could also very easily do). Once we had a pile ready to go, I let everyone chose a background paper.
From there is is just gluing. It might be helpful to lay out the tree before gluing, but winging it is sometimes more fun. Either way will obviously work.
It's meant to go from longest strip at the bottom to shortest strip at the top to look like an evergreen.
We are not picky about that and figure the kiddos should just do what they can. Just gluing down the strips is good work for those cute little hands.
And my little artist had a tree set up to glue, but changed his mind and decided to make his into a shark instead. The point is to create and that he did!
The three individual creations side by side.
I still have papers left over, so maybe this year we will make a wreath like this one featured on Mer Mag

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