Monday, May 15, 2017

Microphone Check

Tap, tap, this thing on?
I guess people still show up here sometimes, or so Facebook informs me.
 I had such good intentions once I started teaching preschool to share lesson plans - moving beyond just mom and kid activities. But putting preschool teaching life and mom of 4 kids life together apparently didn't make for a lot of space for me to share ideas I've tried and used. This school year is just about wrapped up and as I'm finishing up my last few lessons plans, I've just barely started to think about what fun my kids and I can have this summer.
Depending on the year, I have made a big wish list, had great learning activities, super fun adventures and really packed it in with a plan. Other years we've put together a very loose idea list but mostly spent the 3 months of freedom being spontaneous while still doing all the aforementioned awesome stuff.  I've found that goals sort of get us in the right direction.
 The summer before last, the goal was to hike 50 miles with the kids between Memorial and Labor Day. We almost made it!

So, until I get all awesome and stuff, feel free to follow my Instagram account @miss.collette (and, yes, I know I'm not technically a "miss," but I get called ma'am enough in real life that I just want one little thing to make me feel like I'm still 22.)  :)

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