Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Markered Up Blocks

First of all, I just wanted to let you all know that we are still here and aren't trying to skip out on posting. Rachel has been busy prepping for and moving to a new house. Nicole has been working some crazy hours for work. I have just been lazy. :) I'm trying to work out a system that gives us a little accountability and something for you to look forward to from us on particular days of the week. 
 Anyway, last month when I posted about making scenic "pictures" with blocks, that I had another post or two about blocks. So, here it is. 
While I was at a thrift store I found about a dozen small bags full of home-made plain blocks. They looked like they had been intended for some sort of camp or school project. Something similar could certain be made with a little cutting and sanding, or even easier, purchasing some plain blocks from a craft store. My kids played with these as they were for quite awhile until we noticed that sort the blocks when it was time to put them away was becoming a bit of a challenge. Our nice set I wrote about in the other post became the "smooth" blocks and there were the "rough" ones. 
One day I got sick of it and they wanted something to do. Out came the PERMANENT colored markers. (In other words, stay in the room the entire time for this project!) You could easily use paint or something else, but I thought the markers were perfect.
I let the boys color and draw to their little hearts content.
It kept them entertained for a long time and even though we are definitely working on form still, it helped them work those little hand muscles that they will need more and more and they draw, cut and write.
I helped out with a few by drawing a small "family" of people.
And also writing whatever words came to the boys' minds or just making patterns.
As the pile got bigger, the boys' hands got more colorful too.
By the time we were done there was definitely no confusing the "rough" and "smooth" blocks anymore and the boys had a toy that they had personalized. If you are having seemingly non-stop raining weather like it seems like we have had for the past two months (and I live in the desert!) then go snag some blocks and kill some indoor time making a new set of blocks.

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