Friday, May 27, 2011

Food Friday: Purple Cabbage

As I was taking this, my four year asked me, "Mom, why are you taking a picture of food? that is weird." Some people might also think my suggestion of raw cabbage as a snack is weird too. Hear me out.
My dad used to set out wedges of purple cabbage with some ranch. As far as I remember, he'd just eat it, never telling us we should try it or telling us we had to. Simple. 
And the fact that you dip it in something? Well, that certainly caught our attention. I randomly bought some for my kids one day and just said, here's a snack. They ate it and loved it and locked it into their memory banks. 
 When I told them about a week ago I was getting groceries the begged, that's right begged, me to get some for them. I'm not guaranteeing a success for you. I know a lot of adult don't like cabbage. I don't like it cooked very much myself. But, it's good for you and who knows, your kids might love it and voila - healthy snack!

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