Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Homemade Bubbles

We have been continuing to play, play, play this summer. Things are getting checked of the list and others wait there as something to look forward to.
 We got library cards & joined the reading program (#s 77 & 96), rode bikes and scooters in the neighborhood and a parade too (#38), went on a train ride(#25), and watched a movie at the drive-in (#3).
 The whole family went on a mini hike (#31),  we enjoyed a movie outside at the park (#4), went to a baseball game (#2), and tested out the slip-n-slide (#49).
As we have been using our list as a guide, I find that the "go do" things are easier to accomplish than the "make" things. This wasn't the case just a few short years ago when my boys, who are only 13.5 months apart, seemed too difficult to take anywhere. Maybe I'm just catching up! ha ha!
We did have a "make" something day with Rachel's girls when I tried out a recipe for homemade bubbles that I found on Under the Sycamore.
The ingredients are simple and you probably have them all in your kitchen: dish soap, corn syrup, and water. I mixed them up per the instructions (1.5 quarts water, 1/2 cup light corn syrup, & 1 cup liquid dish soap). Then I poured them into our old bubbles bottles.
The kids had fun trying to blow bubbles. I didn't think the stuff was so great, but maybe I made it wrong. Plus, it was super sticky. I have used a recipe in the past that used glycerine instead of corn syrup, maybe I should dig that out again. All the same, the kids had a great time making a mess on the sidewalk and trying to catch the bubbles each other blew. And not to self, a single wand it NOT ok. Must-have-fancy-cool-wand-with-lots-of-holes.

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