Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kid Wash

Normally in July around here it is WAY too hot for my liking (and I realize it could be worse). Thankfully, this summer has been pretty mild so far. I like that. However it might be extra hot where you are. The idea of a kid/bike wash circulated around on blogs a couple of years ago and I really wanted to try it out. I used this as my main source to guide our project. We opted to make the double version mentioned.
To make it a family affair, we all went to Home Depot to pick out the supplies. This got a few looks!
My husband really did all the work, but I'm certain I could have managed it on my own (with pvc cutters though, I sawed one pipe and was terrible at it!).
Hmm, on second though, I'm not too good with the drill either. I guess I should have paid more attention to the teacher in shop class in 8th grade instead of the boy I had a crush on. But, you are probably not like this and could totally handle a drill!
The boys kept being helpers. After all, what helps boost a child's self esteem like being a good helper.
And I think it helps them take better care of their belongings if they don't just get stuff.Obviously it also just more fun when everyone pitches in too.
Once it is dry, attach to the hose and ride on through!
Or invite some cousins over and run as fast as you can!
Just standing there getting soaked works too.
This is sure to be a neighborhood attraction and if you keep it on the lawn instead of across the sidewalk, it can serve a dual purpose by giving your grass a drink!

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