Thursday, August 4, 2011

Can Stilts

I had completely forgotten all about having done this as a kid until I was looking at ideas online and saw this. This is such an old-school, but fun, easy idea. I was watching my nieces (Natalie's daughters) and we decided to make these can stilts.
Supplies needed:
-Two 64oz (I used 48oz) canned juice cans
-Can opener like one pictured
-Rope (I used bungee cords because I REALLY couldn't find any rope in my house)
-Something to cut your rope with
-A pitcher to pour juice into
Use a can opened to make to holes directly across from each other
Pour juice to empty cans and for a yummy snack afterward.
Rinse cans with water
I had no rope anywhere in my house and so I decided to use bungee cords. They worked better than I thought, but you might be better using rope just so they don't snap off. Mine were in there pretty tight, but still.
New apricot nectar can stilts.
This activity is better for kids about 7 + years old, but the 4 + year olds could do it with help. The younger kids were nervous at first, but really liked it after they tried it. I would highly recommend having a parent stand close by for younger kids so they don't sprain an ankle falling over or something. I would also recommend that the child where good, flat shoes. My niece had flip-flops on and she was able to walk by herself, but it was harder with those flip-flops on. (She experimented doing it barefoot too.) I was surprised how each kid kept asking for more turns on the can stilts. Their only complaint was that we only made one set. :)


Lettie said...

Love it. I remember when you would play with the kids at Ruth's and she had those green and yellow ones. The 80s ruled.

Natalie said...

I remember Ruth's too. The girls said they loved playing on the stilts!