Friday, August 5, 2011


The two weeks of Garbage Goodies recycled crafts/projects is just about up. (I know, I missed a day or two - getting a daily post up is hard, I extra commend those who make it happen, especially without the help of their 2 sisters). Don't worry there will be more "unofficial" recycled crafts still coming.
 There is a great list of ideas of fun things to do during the summer (or anytime) over at Gluesticks. In fact, that is where a few of the ideas for my list came from. I love when I find fun things to do with my kids in batches instead of having to hunt around. Today's project is one of those ideas from there. She got her idea for a "grasshead" at Delia Creates (where she calls a Mr. Recycle Head Man). Hers and Delia's guys way outshine mine, but as usual, I added my own twist that worked for us and probably was more age appropriate for my kids.
This is sort of a long, can't do in one afternoon, project because first you have get to grow wheat grass! I thought it was awesome because it reminded me of when my mom used to grow alfalfa sprouts in our kitchen. Anyway, start with some wheat, a nylon (see, those $.33 knee-high that come in a gumball machine prize type container are good for something!), a jar (which can be recycled from jam or pickles or whatever) and a rubber band. The full instructions on growing the grass can be found back over at Delia Creates. She made it pretty and actually took pictures along the way.
In a couple of days you will also need one of those #1 plastic berry containers that you accidentally saved thinking it would work for Shrinky Dinks. Oh wait, that was just me. But, see I told you I found a use for it. I was amazed at how nerdily excited I was how fast this stuff grows. The kids liked it, but not as much as me.
Once your grass gets a little taller, gather together your second set of recyclable items: old cans, yogurt containers and magazines. Some scissor, glue and something to punch holes in the yogurt container would also be helpful here. I actually have a nicer shot of the supplies, but a nice does or reality is far more entertaining sometimes.
Make sure you wash out and dry all of your containers. The yogurt container is going to go in the can upside-down and you'll need to punch some holes in it for water drainage.
Next, you can cut up the pretty grass into sections.
Try to estimate what will fit in the cans on top of the yogurt containers. And maybe you'll want to do this after they are all decorated instead.
Hand over the magazine and scissors for the kiddos to find some face parts to put on their can.
I love how he found such a tiny eye to use.
Glue the pieces on.
They might end up with a solid face and clothes on.
Or crazy-eyed with no nose.
And if your kid is looking through Parents Magazine which has diaper rash cream ads, you might end up with a grasshead mooning you.
I think the most fun part for them was using the scissor for grass-hair cuts.
It got shorter. . .
And shorter. . .
until they had flattops.
After a few days of being watered again and set by the window, the "hair" will grow back again.

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