Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Foam Snakes with The Foamerator

This is an activity I saw in Family Fun Magazine and they got the idea from Betz White. It looked simple enough, but I still managed to sort of mess it up - at first.

  Gather supplies - empty plastic bottle, old towel, rubber bands (and you'll need something to cut with too).

  I found that a serrated knife worked excellent on the bottle. Just cut off the bottom, after you have cleaned it, of course.

 Cut out a piece of old towel bigger than the bottom of the bottle.

 Attach with a rubber band.

 Ta-da! You now hae a foamerator (or two, if you have to make two of everything to prevent fights).

Get the towel damp. We sprayed it, but you could dip it in water.
Put a little dish soap in a shallow bowl or on a plate.

Dip the foamerator.


"Mom, I don't think this works."

"Sure it does, just try harder." Nah, not really.
I did get it to work some and actually better than this picture, but by the time I blew the foam out, grabbed my camera and got set to take, some would blow away.  I decided I must have done something wrong because it just wasn't working like pictures I had seen in the magazine, so I went back and looked at my little sheet I'd torn out. Hmmm. . . I looked up Betz's site. Hmmm . . . Oh, I see! They didn't use a 2 liter bottle! So, I busted out a few small Gatorade bottles and repeated the above. (For the record, I have been running a lot lately, normally we would not have been able to do so many "Gatorade bottle crafts.")

Supplies. Cut bottle. Cut towel. Rubber band towel on. Dip (but this time in bubbles solution - it seemed to work better). Blow.

It worked! We birthed a foam snake!


Nicole said...

I love this, this is on my list of things to do with Harrison. Now that the girls are in school I will have to take the time. It looks like a lot of FUN!! Cute pictures!!

Rachel said...

I have been wanting to do this one since I saw it in the magazine too. Looks fun and easy.....(If you use the right bottle.) ha ha :)

Natalie said...

Now that is cool - i have never seen it before - but my kids thought it looked super cool!