Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Flowers

It's officially spring. As I'm sitting here it is a gloomy day with sprinkles. In some ways, a perfect representation of spring. It's not my favorite season, but I do love how variant it is. Pretty much anything goes for spring - hot, cold, snow, rain, windy, cloudy. . . you get what I'm saying. We had a LOT of snow this winter and as it melted away, I was amazed to see that despite all the heavy white stuff on them. my daffodils and tulips had pushed through the ground. I imagine it won't be too much longer before the buds appear.
Leaves returning, blossoms on the trees and flowers all around are some of my favorite parts of spring. So, as I was sitting down with with my son, working out of Ed Emberley's Picture Pie book at his request, I decided I must make flowers.
The book is full of many ideas, but you can easily use your own creativity. I keep a bin of colorful paper scraps - left over scrapbook paper, the fronts of thank you, birthday, etc. cards, and so on. It is very handy for a project like this. When we got he book I went out and purchased a circle punch. I want to say it is an inch or maybe 1.25 inches. 
 It needs to be enough that you can cut the circles in to eighths and have the pieces still big enough to work with. Of course, you can always just cut the circles out with scissors. 
 One thing I like that this has taught my 6 year old a few fractions. All the ideas in the book use these 4 shapes. For the spring flowers, we'll just use the 1/8 piece.
 First I filled the bottom of the paper with various greens for some grass. I found it easiest to just put short lines of glue on the background paper instead of each individual triangle.
 Then I randomly put green triangles scattered around the rest of the page. For the petals you can do 3 or 4. I think they look better a little tucked under the green, but clearly you can do it however you like.
 Lastly, add some stems.
This picture makes me happy.
And if you aren't into flowers, there are certainly other options.
 My son started with a bird and a fish. 
 Then he did a pair of these along with another fish.
The options are endless.
Get yourself cutting and gluing!

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