Monday, February 10, 2014

Love Bug Bands

 This is a simple Valentine's Day activity that I've had success with both in a classroom of first grades at at home. I'm sure the age spectrum is even greater, but it certainly has been liked by the kids I have tried it with ranging from 2 -8 years old. I will be doing this in my preschool class as well as my son's class party at school. The fun thing is that it can really be for any holiday if you have the right stickers. I first saw this in Family Fun Magazine.
 You'll need the above supplies. I used conversation heart foam stickers, strips of construction paper, and cut my pipe cleaners in half.
 The first part is decorating the hand band portion with stickers. One thing I like about the foam stickers is the added work of peeling the paper off the back.
 Between that and just placing the stickers, there is lots of good exercise for those little fingers.
 Once the band is complete it's time to work on the antennae.
 Each pip cleaner is going to be the middle of a sticker sandwich. Symmetrical stickers are best for this part.
 Even when they are symmetrical, sometimes they aren't aligned just so, which is obviously fine.
 I found that taping the pipe cleaner on the headband worked better than staples.
 We saved the stapling for putting the band together (first measure on the child's head).
And a little love bug is made!

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